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Semuliki National Park

Nestled on the base of Mount Rwenzori, Semliki National Park also lies on the border of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and in the North is bordered by Lake Albert. It is 220 square kilometers in size located in Bundibugyo district. Semuliki national park receives an average rainfall of 1,250mm and temperatures vary from 18 to 30 °C while altitude ranges between 670-760 meters above sea level.

The area covering Semuliki national park was managed as a forest reserve from 1932 to 1993 in October when it became a national park and is managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). The national park boasts of over 310 tree species recorded of which about 130 are restricted. With over 55 mammal species, 400 bird species, this national park becomes a great target for tourism.

Things to do in Semuliki National Park

Sempaya Hot springs

The history of the Sempaya hot springs is one of a kind one should not miss on your trip to the Pearl of Africa. These are two hot springs both male and female with each having a fascinating history.

Female Hot Spring

This is believed to be a sacred location of the female god. These hot springs are locally known as Nyansimbi by the Bamaga people and due to this, people of this region still believe in their culture as they always go there to worship and appease spirits. On a normal day, you will find people taking showers near the spring as a way of seeking blessings. Most women come here to solve problems of infertility as they usually offer sacrifices to their gods

Male Hot Spring

This hot spring is also commonly referred to as Mumbugu and at this point, locals believe they get wealth and prosperity.

Birding in Semuliki National Park

Semuliki national park is also termed as a bird watching haven especially for tourists who are interested in birds. It is therefore advisable for tourists to carry binoculars. Kirumia River, Ntandi and Sempaya are good spots for birding. With over 400 bird species in Sempaya, the most notable ones include spot breasted ibis, Western bronze napped pigeon, long tailed hawk, Yellow throated cuckoo, White bellied kingfisher Red billed Malimbe and Orange weaver among others.

Forest Walks in Semuliki National Park

This is one of the popular activities done in Semuliki National Park. This takes you through the Semuliki jungle as you spot a variety of birds, primates and butterflies. With three walking trails, tourists can take the Sempaya nature trail of 8 kilometers Kirumia hiking trail of 13 kilometers or the Red monkey track of 11 kilometers. On any of these trails, tourists get to see a lot of wildlife as well as birds

Cultural Encounter

With different tribes around Semuliki national park, tourists can choose to visit any with the help of their tour operator as they get to explore more beyond the unknown. These tribes include Batwa, Bamba, Bakonjo, and Batuku on the Northern section of the park. Visit any of these tribes as you get to know more about how people in different tribes of Uganda have kept their traditions intact to date. At the end of the day, you can taste a local meal from any of these tribes. Also listen to different stories from the local elders that date way back and get to know how these people have stood the test of time.

Game Drives in Semuliki National Park

Both day and night game drives can be carried out in Semuliki national park. With over 52 mammals, tourists get chance to see animals such as bush babies, vivets, little collared fruit bat, bush pigs, African elephant, African civet and Mona monkey among others. With three major tracks, tourists get to see these animals as they pass through the savannah plains. For a fulfilled experience in Uganda, visit Semuliki national park,

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