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Batwa people

Batwa People

The Batwa People: Guardians of Central Africa’s Forests Discover the captivating world of the Batwa people, a resilient community of forest-dwelling hunter-gatherers in Central Africa. Despite facing marginalization and vulnerability, the Batwa possess a rich cultural heritage that has endured through the ages. Let us delve into their unique traditions and the challenges they confront in modern society.

Batwa People

Explore the initiatives undertaken to address the challenges faced by the Batwa people. Discover projects like the Conservation of Echuya Batwa Cultural Co-Management Approach (COEAS) and Break the Poverty Cycle of Batwa Communities (BDO), which aim to strengthen cultural experiences, secure resource rights, and improve access to healthcare. Learn about partnerships with organizations such as Trails and Education that support sustainable livelihoods for the Batwa.


Explore the intriguing housing, burial, and marriage customs of the Batwa. Gain insights into their traditional dwellings, burial rituals utilizing herbs, and marriage ceremonies involving dowry negotiations and time-honored rituals. Discover the use of herbs and the communal support provided to Batwa women during pregnancy and childbirth.


Unveil the legend of Kihanga and his three sons, an ancient tale that symbolizes the distribution of resources and blessings. Tragically, the descendants of Kihanga, known as the Batwa, were driven from their ancestral forest home in 1991, leaving them landless and trapped in poverty.


Despite their hardships, the Batwa fiercely maintain their cultural identity as the original inhabitants of the region. Explore their distinct language and vibrant dances, which reflect their profound connection to the forest. Discover how caves, rivers, hills, plants, and animals hold deep significance in their worldview as essential providers of food, medicine, and livelihood resources.


Witness the ongoing struggle of the Batwa people as they face discrimination and marginalization due to their hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Restricted access to rights and services, coupled with social exclusion and negative stereotypes, perpetuate their plight, making it difficult to break free from the cycle of marginalization.


Witness the positive outcomes of conservation efforts, such as the development of the Batwa cultural trail, forest guided walk trail, and birding trail. These achievements not only showcase the Batwa’s unique cultural heritage but also highlight the diverse wildlife species inhabiting the forests, including monkeys, baboons, birds, and butterflies.


Learn about the Batwa’s current population distribution across Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, with a particular focus on their primary settlements in Uganda. Delve into their traditional livelihood activities, encompassing hunting, gathering, pottery, dancing, and entertainment. Discover their expertise in fruit gathering, honey hunting, traditional healing, and sustainable utilization of forest resources.

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The Batwa people, once forest-dwelling hunter-gatherers and the earliest inhabitants of the region, are facing a threatened way of life. With an estimated population of 86,000 to 112,000, they reside in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, and eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

The loss of their forested territories has forced the Batwa to abandon their traditional hunting and gathering practices, leading them to become squatters on the outskirts of society. This displacement has left them marginalized and lacking access to basic necessities, suffering from discrimination by dominant ethnic groups.

Despite constitutional protection, the Batwa’s rights are systematically violated. They struggle with HIV and face limited access to treatment. In Uganda’s southwestern region, approximately 6,700 Batwa reside, enduring discrimination and social exclusion.

To address their plight, the Batwa formed the United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda (UOBDU) in 2000. The organization fights for land rights, as 82 percent of the Batwa became landless after the creation of parks in 1991.

The ongoing struggle of the Batwa people demands recognition, justice, and equal rights. It is crucial that we support their journey to rectify past injustices and embrace their rightful place as stewards of the land. By doing so, we can transform their ancestral legend into a reality that values the diversity and worth of every human life.

Your donation to Corners of Earth Safari will directly contribute to initiatives that uplift and empower the Batwa community. By supporting sustainable tourism and cultural preservation efforts, you can help create positive change and make a meaningful impact in the lives of the Batwa people. Join us in our mission to ensure a brighter future for the Batwa and uphold their cultural heritage for generations to come.

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