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truly is a haven for bird enthusiasts, offering an unparalleled birdwatching experience with over 1,000 recorded bird species. From vibrant colours to melodic songs, the country’s diverse habitats, including lush forests, sprawling wetlands, and expansive savannahs, provide a home to a remarkable array of avian life.

Shoebill (Balances rex)

One of Uganda’s most iconic and sought-after bird species is the Shoebill. With its distinctive shoe-shaped bill and towering height, encountering this magnificent bird is a dream come true for many birders. The Mabamba Wetlands, located near Lake Victoria, is a prime location for spotting the elusive Shoebill, as it thrives in the papyrus swamps and shallow waters of this unique ecosystem.

African Fish Eagle

Another fascinating bird species found in Uganda is the African Fish Eagle, an emblematic symbol of the country’s waterways. With its striking brown and white plumage and piercing call, the African Fish Eagle is commonly observed near lakes, rivers, and wetland areas such as Lake Mburo and Queen Elizabeth National Parks.

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