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Nyungwe forest Guided Walk

Nyungwe forest Guided Walk

Nyungwe forest Guided Walk; the park is located South Western Rwanda on the border with Burundi. It is bordered by Kibira national park to the South, Lake Kivu and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the West. It was established in 2004 and covers an areaof approximately 1,019 square kilometers of bamboo, grassland, rainforest bogs and swamps. Nyungwe forest was in September 2023 added to UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nyungwe forest Guided Walk

These are conducted by certified rangers from the Rwanda Development Board. Nyungwe forest has many trails and these include Bigugu, Kamiranzovu, Irebero, Umuyoye, Isumo, Karamba, Imbaraga, Igishigishigi, Gabwe, Uwinka and Umugote among others. With the help of your tour guide, you can enjoy this great adventure
Other things to do in Nyungwe

Canopy walk

Tourists to Nyungwe forest are always eager to take part in the canopy walk. This usually takes about 2 hours on a 200 meters long trail of 50 meters above the forest. This view provides opportunities of seeing other animals most especially primates swinging from one tree to another and bird species


With over 310 bird species recorded, Nyungwe forest national park is known as one of the top birding destinations in Rwanda. Notable bird species include Gigantic forest Hornbill, Rockefeller’s sunbird, Rwenzori Turaco, Rwenzori Batis, Regal sunbird, and Ross’ turaco among others. Tourists interested in bird watching should carry with them good binoculars and clear cameras for taking good photographs

Chimpanzee Tracking

Nyungwe forest has a highest number of recorded chimpanzees totalling to over 400 individuals. There are two chimpanzee communities that have been habituated in Nyungwe national park. Chimpanzees live in communities of 60 individuals. It is a wonderful experience seeing these primates in their habitat as they carry out their daily activities. Experience more of this as you travel with Corners of Earth Safari

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