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4 days Gorilla tracking

Gorilla tracking age restriction Uganda

Gorilla tracking age restriction Uganda; It is always every tourist dream to trek the mountain gorillas on their trip into the Pearl of Africa. Gorilla trekking is always recommended for adults who are deemed feet to trek through the dense forest and steep slopes. In most cases, tourists travel to the Pearl of Africa with their children and are always eager to see them take up this great adventure and this all can be made possible once the right procedures are followed.

Since the role of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is to conserve and manage wildlife, it also involves the community in wildlife management participation, use of wildlife rights, problem animal management, revenue sharing and conservation education awareness. This makes it easy to collaborate with the locals living around the protected areas. Take note that mountain gorilla trekking is done in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park.

It should be noted that the age for gorilla trekking starts from 15 years and above and for one to enjoy this great adventure, they should be fit and ready to trek through the dense forest. Also, children who are few days to their 15th birthday are considered fit to trek the mountain gorillas. In most cases it is always hard to tell the real age of the child considered fit to go on a gorilla trekking adventure so that is why on the day of trekking, you will be requested by a warden from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to present your original passport for clarity.

However, there are situations where the parents of the child who is not yet 15 years request their children to do mountain gorilla trekking. For this to be made possible, an agreement has to be made between the parents through writing and later the company writes to the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). Once Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) grants the child permission, the company goes ahead with gorilla trekking formalities after which a permit is obtained.

Tourists should take note that mountain gorilla trekking restrictions on age limit are set because in most cases children below 15 years of age may not keep calm during the process and end up making the gorillas aggressive hence leading to charging at a certain individual or the whole group. Book with Corners of Earth safari to enjoy this great adventure!

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