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Luxury gorilla trekking Rwanda

Things to consider on Luxury gorilla trekking Rwanda

Rwanda is a land locked country under the East African Community (EAC). There are about 390 mountain gorillas living in Volcanoes national park so tourists planning to travel to Rwanda on a luxury gorilla trekking experience should consider the following.

Gorilla trekking permits

These can be purchased directly from the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) with the help of your reliable tour operator. Tourists are always advised to book at least 6months in advance to avoid last minute inconveniences because during the peak season the permits are sold out quickly. These permits should contain a valid stamp.


Tourists are always advised to book their tours on time for early preparation. The most favourable time is during the dry season when the forest is less slippery, and the mountain gorillas are easily seen. This is from December to March and May to August


For a successful luxury gorilla trekking in Rwanda, tourists should be able to choose a very comfortable car of their choice, and this should be with the help of a reliable tour operator. A well-equipped car should be chosen such that tourists don’t find it as a burden on their luxury trip. A land cruiser is always recommended

Reliable Tour Operator

Tourists should always take note and book with a reliable tour operator to handle all their travel arrangements so as to ease the booking process. In return, tourists together with their tour operators can exchange contacts on the trip suvh that in case something is not right, communication is done immediately to see how best they can resolve issues

Suitable accommodation

There are so many luxury facilities for tourists visiting Rwanda for luxury gorilla trekking. The tour operator should be courteous in choosing accommodation where the tourists will find it reliable and flexible for them to enjoy their stay in Rwanda. Also known as a land of a thousand hills with magnificent formation of the rolling hills, it is also one of the countries in East Africa with rich tourist attracting ranging from national parks, culture, religion and traditions among others

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