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Things to carry on Murchison Falls Safari

Murchison falls National Park is also known as the Kabalega falls and is located in Northern Uganda. It became Uganda’s first and oldest national park which was established in 1952 and is 3,840 square kilometers with an altitude of 127metres above sea level. It boasts of over 55 reptiles, 150 mammals, over 560 bird species together with herds of elephants, giraffes and a population of buffalos. Tourists planning their travel into Murchison falls are always sure to see abundant wildlife as well as community encounters.
Things to carry on Murchison falls safari include the following.


Before tourists plan their travel into the Pearl of Africa, they should clearly check passports are valid to avoid any inconveniences. Also in circumstances where a client travels in dates towards the passport expiry, they should renew it with immediate effect. A visit to Murchison falls national park should be accompanied with a passport such that in case of anything it can be used as a reference and for easy identification


An east African visa is always recommended for tourists who wish to be vising more than one of the East African countries.


With the help of your reliable tour operator, they can help you with an insurance agency to help you in case of an emergency during the trip. At Corners of Earth Safari, we always ensure the client is in safe hands through collaboration with BAR SOS


For a successful and wonderful trip to Murchison falls national park, tourists are always advised to carry with them good cameras to store everlasting memories of a lifetime


This should be a must have especially for tourists who are interested in bird watching. Murchison falls national park boasts of over 450 bird species and bird lovers can see them at any time of the year

Comfortable shoes and clothing

All tourists planning to embark on Murchison falls national park safari should always put into consideration comfortable shoes and clothing so as to make the safari memorable. These should be flexible, and all travelers are encouraged to consider packing colors which are not so bright

Enough cash

This can be changed at any time on any stopover point between the destination to Uganda shillings currency to help you with for example buying groceries at a nearby supermarket or fruits on different stopovers

Insect Repellents

This is to help the tourist in cases of an insect bite it can be applied. This also protects one from insect bites such as mosquitoes and tse tse flies

First Aid kit

This should contain items to use in case of a minor accident or injury before transferring to the hospital. These include tweezers, scissors, Adhesive tape, gloves, gauze pads, bandages, emergency blanket, safety pins, pharmaceutical drugs and sterile finger dressing among others

Essential documents

These are always asked sometimes at different entry points and should be well kept. Murchison falls national park is approximately 5 hours’ drive from Entebbe international airport and can be accessed through out the year.

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