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Packing list Safari in Uganda or Rwanda

Are you planning a safari to Uganda and Rwanda? Look no further because at Corners of Earth Safari, we are always ready to embark to take you on this great adventure. Tourists travelling to the Pearl of Africa and the land of a thousand hills for adventure are always advised to consider a packing list so as to make this adventure a fun filled and memorable one. Below is a pack list for gorilla and chimpanzee trekking adventure


This is the most crucial document you should not miss out while planning your adventure in Uganda and Rwanda. It should be noted that before tourists set out for trekking, they are always required to present a valid passport


Tourists should ensure that they pack clothes which will be so comfortable on the course of the tour. Tourists are always encouraged to tuck in before they set out for trekking so as to prevent white and safari ants from biting them

Tracking permits

These must be valid and should be presented to the warden at the briefing point before setting off to the forest to search for the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees

Rain Jacket and sweater

The rain jacket is basically to protect tourists from rain since these are rain forests where tracking is done so it can rain anytime. Sweaters are to keep you warm just in circumstances of heavy rains, cold mornings and evenings


These will protect you from thorny trees and bushes and other piercings from the forest. Tourists should take note that tracking areas are slippery so gloves will protect you from chilling weather conditions. The tracking areas are made up of a rugged terrain, muddy and slippery sometimes hence these gloves protect the tourist from piercings from thorny trees and shrubs


These can be used on all safaris apart from chimpanzee and gorilla trekking activity. These include lotions, sanitary pads, body oils, shampoo, body spray, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, hair comb, lip gloss, shavers, hand sanitizers, wipes, hair conditioner and antiperspirant among others

Hiking shoes

These should be more comfortable to make the experience very adventurous.
Since tracking involves climbing steepy areas, these boots should be having a better grip to help one climb with ease.

Hat, sunscreen and sunglasses

These are purposely to protect the tourist from the hot direct sunshine during activities. The weather sometimes tends to be so hot so carrying these along will save you more from the hot weather.

Long sleeved shirts, long stockings and long pants

For all tourists embarking on the gorilla trekking adventure and chimpanzee trekking or any other tour around Uganda, you are advised to consider long sleeved shirts, stockings and long pants. This is because these protect you from the attack of thorny bushes and red ants during the activity.

Insect repellents

This is majorly to help you in cases of insect bites and should be applied to areas of exposed skin that is not covered by clothing.

Snacks and drinking water

Tourists should always carry enough snacks and drinking water as the journey may be long to reach where the chimpanzees and mountain gorillas are as tracking is very unpredictable.


These should be in good shape such that it gives you a clear vision of both flora and fauna in the forest. This is so suitable for bird lovers.


These should be well and come in hand with extra batteries to capture long lasting memories of the trip into the Pearl of Africa.

Walking stick

This is to help you find way into the thick forest and these are usually provided to the tourists who wish to use them at the briefing point.


It is always advisable for tourists on this tracking adventure to at least hire a porter to help them carry their luggage in case the bags are heavy. These porters can also help you through the steep hills and slippery vegetation.

Things to note

Tourists should always consider other general items of so much importance like insurance, passports, visas, well detailed itineraries, emergency telephone numbers and travel maps. About permits, please check in advance with your tour operator whether the dates of tracking are corresponding with the itineraries

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