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Gorilla naming ceremony

Gorilla naming ceremony Rwanda

This gorilla naming ceremony Rwanda was however modelled off centuries old tradition where Rwandans name their children in the presence of family and friends. The gorilla naming ceremony also known as ‘Kwita Izina’ was began in 2005 and has become a global celebration of nature attracting different tourists from all corners of the world to Rwanda. The naming ceremony has become popular over the years as this has been considered as a symbol of value these gentle giants deserve.

This has been successful and thanks to the conservationists, rangers, researchers, trackers and the local community living around Volcanoes national park. Above all special thanks to the president of the Republic of Rwanda who has helped so much in supporting this cause. The naming ceremony reflects more on the value of the mountain gorillas and their contributions to the economy of Rwanda as a country. Over 390 mountain gorillas have been named since 2005 when the naming kicked off.

Kwita Izina ceremony has enhanced tourism development as more tourists travel into the land of a thousand hills for this cause. The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) keeps updated on the on-going projects most especially about gorilla conservation in Volcanoes national park, creating awareness and teaching the local community about the importance of protecting and conserving the mountain gorillas. This gorilla naming ceremony celebration is carried out for an entire week.

It is always a great opportunity for clients travelling to Rwanda for gorilla tracking in the same month of September and time when the gorilla naming ceremony happens as this is the best way to wind up your gorilla trekking tour in the land of a thousand hills.

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