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Akagera National Park

Game Drive Akagera National Park

Akagera national park is located in Eastern Rwanda along the international border with Tanzania. It covers an area of 1,122 square kilometers and was founded in 1934. Akagera national park derives its name from the Akagera river that flows along the Eastern boundary feeding into Lake Ihema and several other small lakes. The national park includes montane, savannah and swamp habitats. It is also one of Rwanda’s leading tourist destination due to the fact that it is strategically located with abundant wildlife hence a great hub for most tourists that come into the country

Game drive in Akagera National Park

This is one of the main activities carried out while at Akagera national park. During this activity most of the wildlife is spotted for example giraffes, elephants, lions, impalas, topis, rhinos, bushbucks, leopards and zebras among others. Game drive is always carried out in the Northern part of the park and due to the abundance of wildlife, it is one of the best parks in Rwanda where tourists enjoy their holiday at their convenience. These game drives are done in three sessions a day that is early morning, afternoon and evening. The morning game drive starts as early as 6:30am, afternoon at midday and evening game drive kicks off at 4pm.

During all these game drives, tourists are provided with opportunities of seeing a lot of wildlife. These game drives take 2-3 hours’ drive in the Northern sector. Tourists are also advised to always carry with them good binoculars and cameras for capturing these everlasting memories. Night game drives are also conducted in Akagera national park and here tourists are rewarded with opportunities of seeing nocturnal animals that are not seen during day game drives for example bush babies, serval cats and nightjar among others.

Time to visit

The best time to visit Akagera national park is probably during the dry season because the grass is dry and short hence giving tourists the best view of the animals in abundance. This is from May, June, July, August, early September, December, January and February. Tourists with the help of their reliable tour operator should book a comfortable car so as to help them enjoy this great adventure.

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